1. nodle

    PSA: Always wear your ear muffs

    So went out shooting this weekend and made a big mistake. I have the electronics muffs, but went to take a shot and I had forgotten that I put them up on my hat. Oh dear God I thought I blew my ear drums out. They are still ringing three days later. Got a headache as well. So moral of the story...
  2. nodle

    Texas high school shooting

    Oh look another school shooting.... here we go again! 'Multiple fatalities' reported at Santa Fe High School shooting
  3. D

    I-94 shooting by State "Storm" Troopers (Gun Happy?)

    MOORHEAD, Minn. – A state trooper’s response to a crash on Interstate 94 near Moorhead in far western Minnesota took an unexpected turn, with the trooper firing a weapon at one of the vehicle’s two occupants. Law enforcement officers at the scene dealt with heavy, wet snow and ice pellets...
  4. D

    Florida Shooting

    The whole thing smells. How did the kid buy 10 guns working for the dollar store? Why are there reports of multiple shooters. FBI knew about him. The police called or visited him 32 times. Another gun grab is going to be attempted. Those evil looking AR.
  5. D

    Church Shooting "Will it lead to Gun Control?" Things are heating up.
  6. D

    Vegas Shootings

    So false flag to outlaw semi-auto or what?
  7. nodle

    Knob Creek Gun Show Night Shoot

  8. nodle

    Aurora shooting conspiracy

    Whats your thought on this? Kinda interesting to read. http://www.naturalne...false_flag.html
  9. nodle

    Mayan ruins captures light beam shooting out of pyramid

  10. ryanator

    Columbine shooting Conspiracies.

    I never came across the conpiracies of the Columbine school shootings and never even would have thought. After reading through them, it makes you wonder.
  11. nodle

    Video of Police officer shooting unarmed cooperating suspect

    Horrible video. He had no right doing what he did. Sometimes get too my adrenaline going and they make the wrong choice.
  12. L

    Shooting an anvil

  13. nodle

    Family Says 911 Tape Caught Cops Planning Cover-Up After Shooting
  14. WayneKerr

    Shooting a chicken at 250 knots into a turbojet's a recent crystal-clear video showing what happens when you fire a chicken at 250 knots into a turbojet using a chicken gun. Probably what happened in the US Airways Airbus' engines before its Hudsonlanding. From the YouTube description: Short...
  15. C Pav

    Not looking so good while shooting the new Bond movies.'jinxed'+Bond+movie/
  16. nodle

    VA-tech mass shooting

    So i was just wondering what people though of this shooting earlier this week? My personal views on it, is i think it was a mess. I think the whole school and cops are responsible for it. I mean come on 2 hours? No lockdown? And then don't get me going on the fat cops hiding behind their car...