1. nodle

    Black Friday 2023

    Let's get the annual thread going. Post what you picked up, or if you see a good deal.
  2. nodle

    Best Buy experiences

    I must say I always stayed away from Best Buy, but the last couple of online orders I have placed through them have been a great experience. They seem to be even faster than Amazon. How have your experiences been with them?
  3. nodle

    The new tipping trend

    So I have been experiencing this more and more lately. But this weekend I saw it everywhere. Why is it that every time you purchase something these days, the credit card reader or receipts are asking for a tip? I am all for tipping and over tip myself, but you have to be at least doing something...
  4. nodle

    Layaway at shopping stores

    Does anyone else miss the old days of Layaways at stores? They always had a section located normally in the back of the store next to the bathrooms. You could put 10% of the price and they would hold the item for you until you paid it off. I used this a lot as a kid, and there was nothing like...
  5. nodle

    Does anyone else enjoy bicycles?

    So I thought I would get myself a bicycle. I thought no big deal, go on Amazon or Walmart and they are pretty cheap. Has anyone looked lately? :oops: The prices are sky high right now. It must be because of the Corona virus or something. They have gone up all at least $100-$150 since last time...
  6. nodle

    Put your shopping carts back

    So tired of seeing this. You get done using your shopping cart, find a cart holder and push it in. It only takes 1 more minute out of your day. I think everyone should have to work a job that has shopping carts, so that for the rest of their lives they continue to put them back. It makes a huge...
  7. nodle

    Black Friday 2018

    I think we do one of these each year. What is everyone looking forward to purchasing this year? Is anyone going out? I know I want to swing by Sportsman's Warehouse, they have a good deal on a rifle scope. Also Murdoch's has a killer buy one get one free on Dewalt 20v tools which is crazy. They...
  8. jmanz

    Amazon Prime Day

    Anybody doing some shopping tonight/tomorrow? I see they have big savings on the Echo if you are into that sort of thing.
  9. nodle

    Black Friday 2016

    Well it's coming up to that time of the year. When consumers loose their minds for no reason. Here is a site with a bunch of the upcoming ads.
  10. nodle

    Costco and shopping

    Does anyone else have a Costco card? My work recently got one for me and my wife and man talk about dangerous. They do have some killer deals, not only on food but electronics etc. I walked out of there thinking "why did I buy all this stuff"? If you could hold off and hit the place about every...
  11. nodle

    Local prices vs. online prices

    Has anyone else noticed that online prices aren't always the cheapest anymore? I use to look at something and say to myself "I'll just come home and order it offline." Well lately that is quite the opposite for me. I have noticed it a lot living here. For example we went to a store yesterday and...
  12. jmanz

    Menards shopping store

    Clueless fgts
  13. nodle

    Shopping trip
  14. jmanz

    Black Friday

    Any other unfortunate souls working today?
  15. nodle

    Walmart shopping experiences

    Now i have nothing against Walmart in general, it's just the quality of their workers has decreased over the years. Now my very first job was at Walmart, so i know how they always wanted you to treat the customer. You were suppose to smile, greet them and work extra hard to satisfy their ever...
  16. nodle

    Newegg shopping website

    I buy just about all my stuff from Newegg. But I noticed today they have changed their shipping rates. No longer do you get charged shipping on individual items. Now you can buy in bulk! :smt023