1. J

    Thanksgiving 2022

    Happy Thanksgiving all! I fired up the Smoker at 11am and tossed the 9lb turkey at 11am. Removed at 4:15pm Smoked with Some Pecan 😁 Ooppsss.. file to large to upload
  2. nodle

    Smoked almonds

    Man these things are addicting. Love the smoke flavor they use. Plus they are a healthy snack.
  3. nodle

    Smoked Bacon Mac & Cheese Bowl

    Wife put one of these in my lunch the other day. When I first pulled it out I thought to myself "what is this crap". But it was actually decent. I had never really thought of throwing bacon into macaroni and cheese before. More
  4. nodle

    Bumblebee smoked trout

    My Mom brought a can of this over last time she visited. I thought this is going to be gross, but it was actually very good. I just ate another can. You can pick them up at your local Wal-mart or whatever.