1. nodle

    Smoked almonds

    Man these things are addicting. Love the smoke flavor they use. Plus they are a healthy snack.
  2. nodle

    Corn Nuts snack food

    Does anyone else like these? A few co-workers of mine have been talking about them the last few days and I picked some up for us this morning. The normal aren't bad but the barbecue and the ranch are the best.
  3. C Pav

    Buffalo Blue Cheese Combos My snack of choice for a while has been combos. Just tried this new flavor and I like it. A little spice from the buffalo flavor with a nice bit of blue cheese. A pleasant change from the...
  4. nodle

    Nutella snack and drink

    Looks so good!
  5. nodle

    Moon pies snack food

    Who here remembers these? I know you can still buy them. Maybe it was just something about that nice yellow color.
  6. nodle

    Cheetos food snack

    As I sit here typing here with orange finger I think to myself "A gift from the Gods?" Who else loves these things? Just the original no puffs or anything.
  7. C Pav

    Keebler Club Cracker Snack Sticks buttery herb

    Another great snack. I love these. Plain or with a dip they are awesome.
  8. C Pav

    Favorite snack food

    I am a huge snacker. I am not sure....I like pretzels but I go in streaks where I like them then not so much.....Cheddar and sour cream ruffles maybe....