1. nodle

    Dr. Pepper creamy coconut

    So I saw this at the store about week ago and had to try it out. It's not overpowering like say a Mountain Dew unique flavor. It's still Dr. Pepper with just a slight hint of cocunt at the very end. Very lightly flavored. It was good.
  2. nodle

    Pepsi Peeps flavored

    Alright, who is going to try them?
  3. nodle

    Dr. Pepper - Strawberries and Cream

    I see Dr. Pepper has a new flavor out people are raving about. Anyone try it yet?
  4. nodle

    Coke Dreamworld

    Never heard of this, but now I wanna try it.
  5. nodle

    Coke Marshmallow drink?

    Looks like Coke has a new drink out. I would try it.
  6. nodle

    Mountain Dew flavors

    Picked up some mountain dew last night, I normally don't drink pop but they had a killer deal so I grabbed some to have every once and awhile. I see they have quit a few flavors now, which one is your favorite?
  7. nodle

    Coca-Cola Brings Back Surge Soda

    It's back Baby! Link
  8. nodle

    Soda knockoffs

  9. nodle

    Soda machine gun

  10. nodle

    Soda pop documentary

    Man I would try some many.
  11. nodle

    Big red soda

    Who here has had this? It's so good. More of a back East thing. Tasted like bubblegum.
  12. C Pav

    Nodle's soda of choice!
  13. nodle

    Spoonful of baking soda speeds you up
  14. WayneKerr

    1 Month without soda

    Recently I had developed this distracting twitch of my left eye.  It got longer and more aggressive and I was sure people could see it happening.  I took a moment to reflect while drinking from my 1 liter bottle of Dew.  I considered that I drank an excessive amount of soda.  I knew, I...
  15. nodle

    Jones soda

    I had to get some of this now that i heard they use all pure cane sugar. Picked up some "crushed melon" flavor and some "creme soda". All i can say is mmmmmmmmmm  :smt030
  16. C Pav

    Jones soda flavor

    In 2004 Jones Soda co. released some flavors that just make me want to  :smt078 :