1. D

    Massive solar storm that will slam Earth tomorrow

    A huge solar storm is heading for Earth, and it's likely to hit tomorrow. The storm could knockout satellites, disrupt power supplies and spark stunning displays of the Northern Lights. It was created last week by an enormous explosion in the sun's atmosphere known as a solar flare, and...
  2. nodle

    Mic catches Montana Commissioner trying to destroy solar projects

    I am not surprised by this. Source
  3. nodle

    Solar panel kits

    For some reason I started looking at solar power kits tonight on amazon, then that led me to Youtube videos. Has anyone ever looked into them? It looks like they have come along way. 100 watt system 400 watt system Watching some Youtube videos people really get into them. If I had a camper...
  4. nodle

    Solar panels for vehicle roofs

    With all the vehicles on the road this day and age. Why not have a 3 foot x 3 foot solar panel located on top of the roof somewhere? Cars could be larger than a pickup's. Even the top of semis and trailers could use this. Now this of course can't keep up with the alternator to charge your...
  5. nodle

    Solar panel for power lines

    Driving into work today I noticed the power lines located along side of the road. I thought to myself why not have a 3foot x 3foot solar panel installed on top of each line? It could be easily serviced and have a 360 degree pivot to angle the best for the sun and say a 75 degree angle. It could...
  6. nodle

    Earth in the solar system

  7. Exile

    Large Solar Flare

  8. nodle

    Solar storm of 1859

  9. nodle

    Strange Massive Solar Filament Ring is Developing on the Sun
  10. nodle

    Solar flares from huge space storm will cause devastation
  11. nodle

    Surface Area Required to Power the World From Solar Panels
  12. WayneKerr

    Sins of a Solar Empire

    Has anyone played Sins of a Solar Empire?  Its a PC game Ten millennia have passed since you and the few survivors of the once mighty Vasari Empire fled from an unknown threat that all but exterminated your kind. You now find yourself at the fringe of the galaxy in a sector occupied by a...
  13. nodle

    Melting steel with solar power

    Geez you think with this type of cheap and free power, you think we could harness it? :Sarcastic:
  14. WayneKerr

    Solar powered boats

    Why not?  It makes sense.  While I was surfing last night I saw something about a solar powered boat.  The part I read made it sound like the project had stopped but was back on. Racing a solar powered boat doesn't sound that interesting, but fishing in one makes so much sense.