1. nodle

    Springfield Armory - Hellcat

    Say hello to another friend. Wanted my EDC to hold a few more rounds. I keep seeing these everywhere and everyone seems to love them. It can hold 13+1 in an insanely compact form. Almost the same size as my EDC Glock and it hold half that amount. Picked it up in FDE color...
  2. nodle

    Springfield Armory 911

    Went and looked at one of these over the weekend. If your looking for a nice compact .380 this is a nice little unit. Easy to conceal. Here are the specs: The downside is the the price tag. But if felt good, I know they copied SIG Sauer but it is still a nice sweet little gun.
  3. D

    M1A anyone?

    Anyone else tempted by these? I got nephew who has been in the guards for 10 years that swears by them. https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/27498/Firearms/Rifles/Springfield+Armory/Springfield+Armory+M1A+Loaded+.308+Stainless
  4. nodle

    Springfield Armory - Saint

    So as a few of you know I have been looking for an AR. Had my sights set on the Ruger-556. Well I went in to look at them and saw this beauty.  When I held it I love the balance it had in the center. It wasn't quite the color I wanted being all black. The Ruger I was looking at was a flat dark...
  5. nodle

    Map of Springfield (Simpsons)

    Someone has way to much time on thier hands. :shock: http://www.mapofspringfield.com/