1. nodle

    WebOfTrust selling user data to third parties

    Seems like everyone is selling everyone out anymore. WebOfTrust removed from Chrome and Firefox webstores due to selling user data to third parties
  2. nodle

    Spyware & Virus Removal Tools

    *NOTE, I no longer will be maintaining these links. Neither will I keep adding new tools or keep up on the latest tools since I am no longer in this line of work. Ok I thought I would post some of the tools here that I use on a daily basis to help people out with. I have my very own custom USB...
  3. nodle

    RIAA/MPAA wants spyware that deletes content automatically

    The RIAA and MPAA have submitted a plan to the Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement. It's basically a plan that they want the government to enact, and it's terrifying. Here are some of the lovely things that they're calling for: * spyware on your computer that detects and deletes...
  4. WayneKerr

    PC World - Windows Defender Lets Spyware Slip onto Vista PCs

    This is a post from a site I visit <quote> PC World - Windows Defender Lets Spyware Slip onto Vista PCs Tests with the program showed it missed 84 percent of 25 samples of spyware and malicious code. Users who put their faith in Vista\'s new security features and Microsoft\'s Windows...
  5. nodle

    Spyware removal

    All-in-one spyware removal program: http://www.hitmanpro.nl/hitmanpro/
  6. nodle

    Spyware, virus removal

    Lets see what you poeple use to clean this stuff up. I will post my order. #1-usually start with Hitman Pro http://www.hitmanpro.nl/ #2-run Bitdefender to get rid of viruses and trojans http://www.bitdefender.com/ #3-run hi-jack this to get rid of start up items...