1. D

    1929 Rothchilds

    This BBC documentary from 2009 takes a fresh view of the 'Crash of 1929' and the subsequent global Depression, comparing aspects of that event with the most recent turbulence in 2008.
  2. D

    Woodstock 94 - 99

    Who can remember the bands? 99 things got ugly. 
  3. D

    And The Best Performing Stock Market In The World Is:

    Whose primary stock market index over the last year is up nearly SEVEN FOLD, from 11,700 last summer to a record 72,700 today.
  4. nodle

    Germans told to stock up for a disaster

    I kinda find this strange. Can you imagine America telling it's Citizens this? Source
  5. nodle

    Obama owns stock in firearms makers

  6. ryanator

    Oil bust inevitable

    I've been reading more and more about a potential oil bust, especially right here in the Bakken. It's simple economics, the Bakken is very expensive to drill, costing $70-90 per barrel, doesn't leave much room when a barrel of oil is going for right below $82 right now. Some forecasters are...
  7. nodle

    Mysterious penny stock soars, and no one knows why

    Mysterious penny stock soars, and no one knows why CYNK Technology has no revenue, no assets and only 1 employee. So why is it worth $4 billion? Should had been in on this @jmanz and @Ludacris .
  8. ndboarder

    Stocks and investments

    Do you understand the stock market? Had some discussion about this with a few guys yesterday and figured I'd do a bit of a straw poll. Does anyone here feel they understand the stock market to any degree? In recent years, the thing companies seem to do is just let their price climb...
  9. nodle

    New virus affecting the stock market

  10. nodle

    World's Stocks Controlled by Select Few

    Neat read, but I am not surprised. Capital Group Companies is one of the world’s largest investment management organizations with assets of around one trillion USD under management. It comprises a group of investment management...
  11. nodle

    Judge who overturned offshore moratorium owns drilling stocks
  12. Ludacris

    Investing, Stocks, IRA's

    Just curious, but does anyone here invest in stocks at all or have an IRA?  If so, who do you invest with and what type of IRA do you have?  I was looking at possibly investing in the future and would like some 411.  I guess a guy is suppose to start an IRA at or before the age of 30 to...
  13. nodle

    Growing stocks of unsold cars around the world

    Geez GM please build more cars we need them we are running out. You guys really need all that extra money. EDIT: I shouldn't just bag on GM, the point was we don't need anymore "new" cars, there are plenty out there...
  14. C Pav

    Got Stocks?
  15. nodle

    Stock Market crash?

    I read somewhere (still trying to find video) that today the stock market is going to crash today 1/22/08.
  16. jmanz

    The Stock Market

    Does anybody play the market here?  Obviously it sucks right now but is it a good time to buy cheap and hope for a turnaround?  .  I know there are probably business savvier minds than myself here and I would love to get some input. 
  17. D

    Stock market meltdown . . . it's a bloodbath
  18. D

    Falling US dollar and surging stocks, like in 1987!
  19. ndboarder

    Time Traveling Stock Broker
  20. nodle

    Better stock up now

    :shock: Iran warns of $200 oil if US pursues sanctions CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Global oil prices could hit $200 per barrel if the United States pursues sanctions against Iran for its nuclear development program, an Iranian official told Venezuelan state TV on Thursday. Iran's Foreign...