1. nodle

    iPhone apps subscription services

    I am kind of sick of everyone following this whole subscription services trend. I don't have a problem with paid apps, but you used to be able to pay a one-time fee for it. Or even a lifetime fee. I am fine with those. Now all these apps are following everyone else and going monthly yearly etc...
  2. nodle

    Comic subscription services

    Just wondering if anyone uses a comic subscription-based service here. I see the two big ones out there are: I am in the mood to catch up on some series.
  3. nodle

    Arby's Just Launched a Subscription Service

    Did you get in on it @C Pav ? Arby's Just Launched a Subscription Service & It Sold Out Almost Instantly
  4. nodle


    I didn't know Amazon had this, but just ran across it. Apparently it is an Amazon company as well. You pay a monthly fee $5.99, then can read unlimited comics etc. This shows how it works: I wonder if @O-Tron has used this?
  5. nodle

    Starz subscription service

    I see Starz now has a subscription service that ties in with Amazon. I was recently looking at it since it has so many Disney movies. Not to bad at $8.99 a month. Has anyone used it yet?
  6. nodle

    EA announces Subscription Service for Xbox One

  7. nodle

    Xbox 720 will cost $99 with cable TV subscription

    I don't really believe it. />
  8. nodle

    Xbox may get subscription cable service

    JAWSOME! :thumb-up:
  9. nodle

    PlayOn subscription

    Has anyone used this? The reason I am asking is they have a deal going on right now: From PlayOn's site: Until May 19th at midnight, you can buy a lifetime license for PlayOn Basic for just $19.99 (regularly $39.99). PlayOn Basic will be supported for the life of the product and will not...