1. nodle

    NYC will test 'gases' in their subway systems

    Ya I am sure this is just a 'test' and all 'safe'. NYC subway stations will be pumped with non-toxic gas this month (
  2. nodle

    Subway tuna contains no tuna

    Nasty… wonder what it actually is?
  3. nodle

    Subway's cheesy garlic bread

    I am not a a big fan of Subway, I have gotten deathly sick twice in my life eating there. But I saw an add for their new cheesy garlic bread, and it is so dam good. Even my wife said it's the best Subway she has ever eaten. It's so good I have eaten there twice in a row. I sure hope they keep it...
  4. D

    NYC to Pay $16M for Illegals’ Lawyer Fees I've heard and read from various sources that the US infrastructure is not being maintained. This seems a little extreme.  The Metropolitan Transportation Authority told the New York Post that it was...
  5. nodle

    Subway removes ham and bacon from stores to due to muslims

  6. nodle

    Russian Subway Performer Plays Nirvana's "Pennyroyal Tea"
  7. nodle

    Subway sandwich flavors

    Do any of you agree that any cold cut sandwich you get at Subway always taste the same? If it's a hot sandwich like a meatball or something then of course it will have a different flavor, but as far as the rest no matter what cheese etc. you get on them, they always have the same flavor. Even...
  8. nodle

    Subway restaurant

    Why do you have to hire the most gothic, pierced up workers? I'm not to shallow on the way people look, but come on. How about removing the piercings from your lips, eyebrows, nose, etc. and clean up for work. And maybe greet me with a "what kind of bread would you like today sir?" instead of...