1. C Pav

    Amazon Prime has gone downhill and SUCKS

    Not only has Amazon in general started to suck but now even the payed for Prime is starting to suck as well. Way back even without prime items ordered were at least packaged and shipped fairly quick but with slower shipping. Prime members of course got the 2 day and was pretty reliable. Then it...
  2. D

    Congress Sucks

    "They" have control of both the Senate and House of Representatives. Said they were going to repeal ObamaCare and now are paralysed. Complete Joke. Lying sacks of defecation. 
  3. D

    Google Searches

    Have you noticed lately that google steers your searches quite aggressively? If you put in a topic that is hot you'll get nothing but slanted results. Welcome to China?
  4. D

    Century Link

    The amount of responses from Colorado have been overwhelming
  5. nodle

    5 second films "Love sucks"

    I think @jmanz will like some of these.
  6. nodle

    Work Sucks

  7. L

    CNN Sucks (even though I frequent their website)
  8. jmanz

    Moving sucks!

    But we are all moved in. Got it done over the weekend, now just have to put things away and arrange.
  9. D

    Reality TV sucks

    Agree? Disagree?