1. nodle

    Survival Grenade

    Amazon has some Survival Grenades on sale today for about $7 with coupon code 66YZGKT3 Link I picked one up to toss in my pack for that amount.
  2. nodle

    Survival videos

    Really enjoying this guy's Youtube videos. Not only are they funny, but you also learn from them.
  3. nodle

    Survival games popularity

    I have noticed that the two top selling games on Steam both DayZ and Rust and both Survival games. They both basically put you in an open would and let you survive. Pretty simple. I also find it interesting on how these are both basically Beta games that are still being developed. I wonder if...
  4. nodle

    Henry U.S. Survival AR-7

    What a sweet Idea. Talk about portability!
  5. nodle

    Survival kits

    I have been reading a book lately where a survival kit has come in real handy. With the way the world is these days it probably wouldn't hurt to have on on hand. Does anyone have one for their home? I see Amazon has quite a few "predone" models for sale. Source
  6. Ludacris

    Survival School

    I started watching this series on Hulu; it's called Survivor School.  Also found on the MoJo network.  I like it, and recommend it.  9/10