1. nodle

    Are people starting to lose interest in the internet?

    I have been wanting to post this thread for while now, just something that I have started to notice in the last 1-2 years. I just got done watching a YouTube video of a guy basically signing off of YouTube. He was a big tech/gadget guy and he explained how not only his subscribers are dropping...
  2. jmanz

    The Return of "Dumb Phones"

    Some are choosing to eliminate the tech and go back to a simpler time...
  3. nodle

    ITT Tech closing all campuses

    I saw this yesterday. These use to be pretty big. Source
  4. nodle

    UE4 Tech Demo: "Unreal Paris"

    Dam games are getting so realistic.
  5. ryanator

    Help Wanted: Level 1 Tech...

    I just made this up, but am i right?? ========================================= Help Wanted: Level 1 Tech Responsibilities: Take orders from local middle manager who receives orders from regional manager from district manager. Requirements: Must have 5-8 years management experience, 10-15...
  6. WayneKerr

    Do you have a multi-vendor tech philosophy?

    This sounded brilliant when I wrote it. Now, not so much.
  7. nodle

    Angry Dell tech call

    Someone had a bad day... GdoGRJuSPf4&rel
  8. jmanz

    Girl lived through VA Tech and Columbine Killings
  9. nodle

    VA-tech mass shooting

    So i was just wondering what people though of this shooting earlier this week? My personal views on it, is i think it was a mess. I think the whole school and cops are responsible for it. I mean come on 2 hours? No lockdown? And then don't get me going on the fat cops hiding behind their car...