1. nodle

    Russian telescope detects 'strong signal' from Alien planet

  2. nodle

    Thinking about getting back into Astronomy

    I've always loved the night sky. Years ago I had a nice Meade telescope and put alot of money into eye pieces for it. It was amazing to look at the moon, planets, and nebulae. Kinda miss it. So I have been looking at some new scopes the last few night and getting use to whats on the market these...
  3. nodle

    $271 Million Telescope Is Buried Under the South Pole

  4. nodle

    Interstella Starfleet Caught on Amature Telescope

    I think I may have posted something about this before, but I can't seem to find it. It's interesting.
  5. nodle

    Custom Telescope

    That thing is huge! :shock: Sorry link in Japanese: Link