1. nodle

    The new tipping trend

    So I have been experiencing this more and more lately. But this weekend I saw it everywhere. Why is it that every time you purchase something these days, the credit card reader or receipts are asking for a tip? I am all for tipping and over tip myself, but you have to be at least doing something...
  2. nodle

    Top 10 Tips for Staying Safe from false rape accusations

    Top 10 Tips for Staying Safe from false rape accusations: If you go to a party, either have only one drink, or only drink soda or water, so you can keep your wits about you. Never get tipsy around people you don't know and trust fully—it could come back to haunt you later. Even around people...
  3. nodle

    ATF pushes bullet ban - AR15 green tip

    Well I have said it before, they know they can't take away our guns so they will go after the ammo next. Maybe we will be able to keep our BB ammo or cap gun ammo* Source*maybe...
  4. nodle

    Pizza Man Sent Back to Return an Assumed $7 Tip, Then Threatened

    I saw this last night and it was a dick move of the car dealership. But man the Yelp reviews are so funny to read! To sum it up, basically an auto dealership orders some food. Gives the driver $7 more dollars than the cost of the food. Calls the restaurant back up and causes havoc, ultimately...
  5. nodle

    Snow shovel tip

    If your snow starts to stick to your snow shovel, just spray it with PAM.