1. nodle

    Portable air compressor for your vehicle

    So last year Amazon had a flash sale and they had one of those little air compressors that go into your cigarette lighter. It was only around $20, and I thought why not? It came with a small travel case and fit down below by my spare tire in the vehicle. Here a couple of weeks ago we were at a...
  2. nodle

    Rotating tires

    How is everyone up on their tire rotations? How often do you do them? I have to admit I have been slacking. Like real bad on a few vehicles. Rotated them on my truck yesterday. Way overdo. It's not like it's a bad job to do, just takes a little. Some of you might take them to a tire place or...
  3. nodle

    Time for some new tires

    Yes its that time of the year again. It falls every 3-4 years when you must purchase tires for your vehicles. Thinking about going with the same type though. I have gone through 2 sets of Nokians and have loved them. The downside they are expensive and are only a 30-35k tires. But they are the...
  4. nodle

    Spin Tires

    This game seems kinda cool, you basically just drive old soviet era trucks around through mud and over terrains.
  5. nodle

    Snow Tires vs. All-Season vs. Summer Tires

    What a difference they make.
  6. nodle

    Recommend me some truck tires

    For those of you that know or have been around tires, what would you recommend? I want something somewhat off road and good on snow and ice. I see alot of people recommending Goodyear Duratracs. Also @@jmanz recommend me Firestone Destinations AT. Called one local tire place and they had Toyo...
  7. nodle

    Air tire gauge

    I would like to see a new tire pressure gauge that can be hand held with a pressure gauge on it. It would also have a dial that let's you select your pressure. One end goes on the tire, the other end you put the air compressor nozzle on. When it reaches the right pressure the back pressure stops...
  8. T

    Low Pro Tires

    I hate it when people put low profile tires on classic muscle cars. Foos does it all the time on Overhaulin. He makes them look like matchbox cars. Does this bother anybody else?