1. D

    U2 Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour this with concerts from 1987. What will you not find in the footage?  Hint: It's rectangular.  
  2. nodle

    Excision's tours

    Not really quite my taste in music, but dam those lasers and lighting. I would go just for those.
  3. nodle

    Tour de France prank

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  4. nodle

    Take a tour through my garage

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  5. WayneKerr

    DLC for Wii Guitar Hero: World Tour

    Tonight I found a link reporting that there would be downloadable content on the Wii for Guitar Hero World Tour. Thats neat, I wonder if that means I can take the songs with me on the SD card?  To play on another Wii?
  6. ndboarder

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08 (PS3)

    I downloaded the demo for this sometime over the past couple weeks.  Shortly after the most recent firmware update.  At any rate, the demo only allows you to play 3 holes.  They have revamped the controls slightly, you can now power up shots and spin with X rather than L1.  If this were my...