1. nodle

    Military training exercise in L.A.

    Just happened yesterday. Some day they are training for all the turmoil happening right now down in South America.
  2. ryanator

    Resistance bands for training.

    I originally bought a cheap starter set of resistance bands on eBay for $15 to get the feel for it and I must say I really like them. I instantly liked the motion and feel compared to any other type of training. You can mix and match multiple bands to increase intensity, and they feel as...
  3. ryanator

    Training Boxing gloves that don't put pressure on knuckles.

    I was in boxing for 5 years and owned a heavyweight bag to train on. I loved the workouts, but one thing that I disliked was the damage the knuckles took. I properly wrapped the hands with boxing wraps and used thick padded gloves, however, the knuckles still would get sore and red. (I even...
  4. nodle

    Kenny Powers Training Video

  5. ndboarder

    Getting sent for training for work

    Does anyone ever get sent to training for work?  Do you enjoy it?  My posting will be slow as I am in training the next 3 weeks straight.  The stuff this week is intro to .NET / Visual Studio, pretty basic so far.  Different Dev thing the 2 weeks that follow.  May be a nice break from the...