1. nodle

    Metal detectors

    Strange I thought I made a thread awhile back, but I guess not. Anyways I have been wanting a metal detector for quite some time now. I came across a deal, and while not the exact one I wanted, this one is plenty for me now. I got to play with it this weekend. I tried it in my back yard. My...
  2. D

    Buried Treasure in N. Dakota Sites

    Buried treasure in North Dakota can be found in a number of areas. Old Army forts, outlaw treasure, and ghost towns are known to be hiding places for large and small caches. I’ve known others who have located similar treasures in other States, and with the right knowledge and equipment, you can...
  3. nodle

    Fenn treasure

    So apparently this old man buried this treasure worth about 2 million dollars and people have been going crazy looking for it.
  4. nodle

    Nice treasure find!
  5. nodle

    Treasure hunters dig for Hitler's gold

    Digging has resumed at a site in the southeastern German town of Deutschneudorf, where treasure hunters believe there are almost 2 tons of Nazi gold and possibly clues to the whereabouts of the legendary Amber Room, a prize taken from a Russian castle during World War II. Heinz Peter Haustein...
  6. jmanz

    National Treasure-Book of Secrets

    The wife and I just got back from this movie.  We really enjoyed it, kept our attention throughout.  If you were a fan of the first one you probably will like it.