1. nodle

    Axe throwing trend at bars

    Has anyone noticed this trend popping up? Seems like a lot of the bars/breweries around here have set up axe throwing competitions. It's basically throwing axes at a large wooden dart board. I was in a store the other day, and the entire wall was just for axes for this purpose. Is it getting...
  2. nodle

    The new tipping trend

    So I have been experiencing this more and more lately. But this weekend I saw it everywhere. Why is it that every time you purchase something these days, the credit card reader or receipts are asking for a tip? I am all for tipping and over tip myself, but you have to be at least doing something...
  3. nodle

    Action figures in your PC case trend

    So I keep seeing this everywhere. It seems like people are buying those Pop Funko figures and are putting them in their PC cases. Is this the next RGB trend?
  4. nodle

    What ever happened to car bras?

    When I was growing up everyone ha a car bra on their car. I mean it was one of the first things you have to get for your cars. Now I never see them on the road anymore. Probably one reason was all the dirt they would get underneath them and scratch your paint up. I don't know why did more damage...
  5. D

    432 HZ tuning craze on youtube

    Cases in Point:
  6. nodle

    Men's Rompers

    So I am sure by now you have seen that Men's rompers are this years big summer clothing trend. Would you wear one?
  7. nodle

    Old barn wood trend

    So around here when people are building homes, the current trend is to make it look "rustic". The hot new trend is people are salvaging barn wood and using it as siding for their new homes. Stuff at one time people would had piled and burned. People will also use tin trim and then etch it with...
  8. nodle

    Colored hair trend

    So at lunch me and @C Pav noticed employees, and customers with colored hair. We saw two pink and one purple and one red. He said they reminded him of those hair color sprays that you use to see on Halloween. I know it's a trend right now. Seems strange though to think if you went into a job...
  9. nodle

    F.H.R.I.T.P trend

    So apparently this is a trend all started by a news guy.
  10. nodle

    CGI and the current trend in movies

    I am sorry but you know movies are going wayyyyyyy overboard with CGI nowadays. I mean you can have nice CGI, but it still always looks fake. A little here and there isn't bad in movies, but most are now just abusing it today. I wonder if it is because it's not only easier than animatronics, but...
  11. C Pav

    New trend at fast food joints - Sinks as hot tubs!