1. nodle

    Project - new desktop speakers

    So I had a nice set of Bose desktop speakers, but I feel down the rabbit hole once again and ordered some Micca MB42X speakers, and a Fosi tube class D amplifier with some Riverstone audio tubes, not the Chinese crap tubes. I hand wired all my own cables using 16awg wire with banana plugs. It's...
  2. D

    Rasberry Pi - Tube Amp

    Tube Rolling – The 503HTA supports both 12AU7( ECC82) or 6922/6DJ8 (ECC88) type tubes. Individual Anode Bias Adjustments plus selectable Series/Parallel Heater Drive insure the perfect setup for virtually any tube!  See our friends at for some alternate options! I would try...
  3. nodle

    Toothpaste tubes

    Every time I open a new tube of toothpaste, I always want to make this thread. They rip you off so bad. You first week of squeezing goes good, your like this tube will last forever. Then you hit the center air pocket that they "slip in". You go from 90% left to about 20%. You know they do it on...
  4. nodle

    Tubes for delivery

    Me and C pav were just talking about this. You know those tubes that they use at the bank? Why not have a series of them that run across the county and feed into your local Fed-ex and UPS. You place your order they take it to their local tube distribution center and they send it out to the other...
  5. nodle

    Obama wants power to take "Emergency Control" of the tubes!
  6. D

    Weekend Tube Rolling

    I changed out the chinese tubes in my Jolida JD 1501rc and replaced them with Tung-Sol 12AX7's. It was like removing a veil (sound improvement). They are a tad bit brighter but I believe that's because they still need some break in time. Matched sets were 20.00 per tube. Not bad. The NOS gear...
  7. nodle

    The strange electron tubes from Dendera

    This is crazy stuff!  :shock: In different locations WITHIN the Late Ptolemaic Temple of Hathor at Dendera in Egypt are curious wall engravings which Egyptologists CANNOT explain in traditional religio-mythic terms, but about which electrical engineers are finding VERY modern interpretations...
  8. jmanz

    Google & You Tube

    Just saw on CNBC that google is interested in buying YouTube.  That would be a nice purchase for them I would think.
  9. D

    Finding that tube amp.

    I think these check out nicely for a modest price.
  10. D

    Best Tube AMP?

    For amps under 5000.00 I like Jolida and Macintosh according to reviews and specifications.