1. D

    Twitter employee offers intel in Trump take-down plot
  2. D

    CIA Agent Is Trying to Buy Twitter to Delete Trump's Account
  3. D

    Kurt Eichenwald Twitter Fight With Julian Assange

    Newsweek/MSNBC/Vanity Fair's @KurtEichenwald libels me as a child rapist, STD spreader & Putin agent -- after losing @WikiLeaks libel case. — Julian Assange (@JulianAssange) July 24, 2017 "reporter" @KurtEichenwald was an administrator of a child porn site...
  4. nodle

    AP Twitter account hacked claims of explosions at White House Anyone that follows the Associated Press on Twitter just heard "news" of an unprecedented national crisis. "Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured,"...
  5. WayneKerr

    Twitter reporting that Kim Jung Un was assassinated this morning

    caveat 1 I read this on the internet... caveat 2 I read this on reddit Oh my...the turmoil this could lead to in that region. They said it wouldn't last anyway. //
  6. nodle

    50 Cent makes $8.7 million in one day from Twitter
  7. nodle

    Firefox Extension lets users hack Facebook / Twitter
  8. WayneKerr

    Library of Congress to Store Entire Twitter Archive

    Food for thought before your next tweet! If you're on Twitter, and you tweet publicly, you're about to be immortalized in history. That's because the Library of Congress today formally announced its plans to begin...
  9. L

    Twitter social media

    Is this the biggest waste of time ever?