1. nodle

    They are coming for your guns, news and updates

    Since it seems like I might be bumping this up the next 4 years, might as well get it going with some news. Supreme Court Will Decide Whether Police Can Enter A Home To Seize Guns Without A Warrant (forbes.com)
  2. nodle

    Microsoft May update not downloading

    Anyone else not get this update? Seems like my home machines were stuck on the older versions, but my work machine had been on it for awhile now. Anyone else run into this? I had to manually run: https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/windows10
  3. J

    Windows Updates - Need assistance with forcing them

    Hi all, Yesterday I began working on updating Surface PRO's, however every attempt I made an updating them they failed. I'm a bit curious if anyone here has any solutions to force update? Your device is missing important security and quality fixes. We couldn't connect to the update service...
  4. J

    Superantispyware updates?

    I have superantispyware and it's telling me a update is available, but when i click it. (it states i need admin rights) i am the admin here. where can i go to run as admin?
  5. nodle

    Microsoft updates Windows without users' consent

    Interesting... Microsoft has begun patching files on Windows XP and Vista without users' knowledge, even when the users have turned off auto-updates. Linkage
  6. nodle

    New Vista updates

    I see these are finally official, I installed them yesterday on my system here at work. All seems fine. I wish i would have waited though to seem if them came down through automatic updates or not. 938979 Vista Performance and Reliability Pack: ? Improves performance in resuming back to the...
  7. nodle

    Post-SP2 updates

  8. nodle

    Windows updates

    Here a nice little link if you ever want to slipstream all the updates for windows. BTW they need to release an offical SP3 soon. Some of you might have fun with the link. http://www.ryanvm.net/msfn/updatepack.html