1. jmanz

    Border Wall

    Border Wall Vote
  2. nodle

    Obama declares Venezuela a threat for the USA

    WTF is it going to be the U.S. vs. everyone else? Source
  3. WayneKerr

    Ticket to Ride USA

    The family recieved Ticket to Ride USA board game as a gift over the weekend. It was fun. My 8 year old got into it. She had the second highest score. Coincidentally, it and most of the DLC expansions are available on Steam. Does anyone else board game?
  4. nodle

    Apple holding more cash than USA

  5. nodle

    UFC 121 USA vs "Mexico"

    Brock looks good with a beard.
  6. nodle

    Ahmadinejad UN Speech: USA and the the Jews pulled off 9/11
  7. nodle

    Chinese Setting Up Factories in USA
  8. nodle

    UFO - Washington D.C., USA, July 12, 1952

  9. nodle

    Russian analyst predicts decline and breakup of USA