1. nodle

    Why a medieval peasant got more vacation time than you

  2. nodle

    How do so many people take vacations all the time?

    Explain something to me, why does it seem like everyone is on vacation all the time? I have a few friends of mine that always seem like they are on vacation. There are two things that come into play here, the money and being able to get the time off to go. The money isn't that big of the...
  3. nodle

    National Lampoon's Vacation Boxset

    A great deal you can't pass up! $15 bucks. Amazon Link
  4. nodle

    "Vacation" Red Band Trailer

    Well here it is boys, what we have all been waiting for. Thoughts?
  5. nodle

    Vacation time in other countries.

    Way to go America!
  6. nodle

    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

    They just added this to Netflix. We watched it on Christmas. What is there to say about this but it's just pure awesome as always. 10/10!
  7. jmanz

    Post your Vacation hours

    How many vacation hours do you have built up, not including sick hours?  I've got 74 at the moment. 
  8. L

    Vacation and work hours

    Who honestly puts in 8 hours a day for work?  I've never met anyone (other than my mother in law) who works all the hours they get paid for. Would it make sense to work for 6 hours a day?  How bout 6 weeks mandatory vacation weeks a over in some European countries...Would less...
  9. C Pav

    Christmas time and vacation!

    Well it's that time of year and the pressure and stress has been building lately. Not so much with shopping and stuff but work and being so busy with everythign else. Not to mention not sleeping as much as I should. This Friday I am heading to Sidney until the end of the month with my girlfriend...