1. D

    Record Player for your Car

    Record players were the infotainment systems of the 1950s and '60s
  2. jthock

    Vinyl Spin: The Belle Brigade - Losers

    Heard this on the TV show Raising Hope and liked it so entertainment double whammy.
  3. nodle

    How To Pirate Vinyl Records
  4. D

    8-Track better than vinyl

    Just kidding. :smt004
  5. D

    Vinyl records are heading back in fashion with sales up 87%

    Just while most thought the Vinyl record has been obsolete, apparently Vinyl is actually making a come-back with sales rising a whopping 87.3% between April and June, compared with the same three month period last year. In fact, 7" Vinyl has now had the best 12 month sales period since 1998...
  6. D

    Redbook CD's and Vinyl

    Had the bro over this weekend for direct comparisons between Redbook CD's and Vinyl to wav @ 96khz 24 bit (same tracks in the two formats). He indicated that he thought vinyl sounded better overall. Descriptions were better imaging and more musicalilty. IMO, it's the cymbals and smoothness.