1. WayneKerr

    Get out and vote!

    Vote! Vote early! Vote your conscience! Vote! Even if you've never voted before! Vote! If your an Conservative, Vote! Vote! If your an Democrat, Vote! Vote! If your an Independent, Vote! Vote! If your an Libertarian, Vote! Vote! If your Republican, vote like you've never voted before!
  2. C Pav

    Vote for which game I purchase, play and review!

    Okay, new idea. I will post a list of games and you then vote. I will purchase, play, and review the winning game. Let's start Round 1!
  3. nodle

    Vote for my cat She looks like this:
  4. ndboarder

    Swing Vote

    Rented this the other night as well.  I enjoyed it.  If you've seen previews you'll know that during a presedential election, the outcome ends up coming down to a state/county and of course eventually to the single vote of Costner's character.  The movie mainly focuses on the immense media...
  5. WayneKerr

    Did you vote?

    Did you vote?
  6. O-Tron

    Incredible, how could you vote for this guy?

    This is from a blog I stumbled across this morning. Incredible. Comment #18 at "#  Little Isis Says: October 27, 2008 at...
  7. nodle

    Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama
  8. jmanz

    Would you sell your vote?

    Let's say someone offered you $300 to anal rape me. Would you take it? If not, how much would it take?
  9. nodle

    Hmmm maybe he will vote different next time

    I feel bad for this guy, but maybe he will see what America is becoming. Police raid Md. mayor's home, kill his dogs
  10. Ludacris

    VOTE Feb. 5th!!

    The following is a link to where a person can vote on Feb. 5th for the North Dakota Caucus.  I'm voting for Ron Paul, I hope you do too!! The page does take a little bit of time to load....
  11. nodle

    Are you going to vote?

    Anyone voting today?