1. nodle

    Customers or a Boss hounding you right when you walk in to work

    You know when I come into work, just give me 5 minutes to at least take my jacket off, or sit down for a few minutes to check my email or at least let me take one drink of my coffee. I think every job that I have ever worked at this happens. I am here 8 hours a day, give me my 5 minutes at the...
  2. D

    Get Rid of Your Pre-911 Mentality

  3. nodle

    Pig learns to walk on two legs

    http://imgur.com/ZVacH.jpg http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/8034669/Pig-learns-to-walk-on-two-legs.html
  4. nodle

    One fifth of humans say aliens walk among us

  5. C Pav

    Yeah, don't ever, EVER walk in on me!