1. nodle

    PSA: Always wear your ear muffs

    So went out shooting this weekend and made a big mistake. I have the electronics muffs, but went to take a shot and I had forgotten that I put them up on my hat. Oh dear God I thought I blew my ear drums out. They are still ringing three days later. Got a headache as well. So moral of the story...
  2. nodle

    Going through jeans faster than normal

    So lately it seems like I have been wearing out jeans at a fast rate. I don't know if I am just doing more physical labor than before or what. I prefer Levis for my brand of jeans, but lately I seem to be wearing holes in the knees real fast. I don't know why either. I just picked up some more...
  3. nodle

    If you wear this watch you are a terrorist

  4. J

    what to wear when the wife has chores for you to do

  5. ryanator

    Don't drive, talk on cell phone, and wear an eye patch

    So I saw something new today. Some lady was driving here vehicle and came to a stop 6 feet behind the line, oh ya know.. probably because of loss of perception from not just talking on a cell phone, but wearing an eye patch too. Yes, an eye patch like "arrr matey". (though I do understand...
  6. nodle

    Don't wear flip flops when your drunk

  7. nodle

    Why don't we wear masks like Japan when we get sick?

    So i have been sick lately, why are we not like the Japanese and wear masks when we get sick? Even their own government give them out for free. Think about how much this would cut down on the spread of germs...
  8. nodle

    Wear your "safety bracelet" before flying

    http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/7066/trackingbracelet071108ps0.jpgVideo on bottom of page: http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Terrorism_expert_downplays_shock_bracelet_for_0711.html