1. nodle

    Does anyone else use

    I have been using for a few months now, ever since I heard a band that was on a random playlist and have never been able to find them now. I wanted some way to track my songs that I listen to. I still don't know why some streaming services don't have a history section built in to show...
  2. nodle

    Weather websites and apps recommendations

    Lets post some links to some weather sites that we use, so that others users may enjoy them and can book mark them for later. Feel free to add your own. I'll start us off. These links are great for tracking the wind patterns. Ventusky - Wind, Rain and Temperature Maps Windy: Wind map &amp...
  3. nodle

    Xbox game deals websites

    I thought we could post links to watch Xbox game deals. If you have some feel free to post them as well.
  4. nodle

    Article 13 has just been approved

    So basically if someone uploads a photo of a picture they grab off Google images, and you don't get permission from the originally taker, the website owner than then be sued. Have fun with almost every website in America banning EU uses. We already got stuck with this cookie garbage from them.
  5. nodle

    Home improvement bidding website

    So as part of my job I have to look up bids for future jobs. This requires searching public records, a bunch of websites, and even a few companies that specialize in collecting bids and you pay them a monthly fee to access blueprints and plans. So how it works is say a city wants a new parking...
  6. nodle

    NASA caught deleting UFO photos from its website
  7. nodle

    Website claims to have a presidential "October Surprise"

  8. nodle

    DOJ: Violating a website's TOS should be a crime

  9. WayneKerr

    Looking for a software to copy contents of website

    I found a "fortunecity" website I'd like to copy for personal archive purposes. Can someone point me to a program that can do that? Thanks
  10. WayneKerr

    Cool flight tracking website I saw this flight tracking page on the internet. Its available for your iphone as well.
  11. nodle

    What does everyone use for their browser homepage?

    What does everyone use as their homepage? I have always use since I can remember. But ever since they switched to their new format, it's kinda all over the place. My mom was just commenting on this yesterday and was wondering what does everyone use here?
  12. nodle

    Tinyeye image finder website

    Have a wallpaper or image that you want to find the source of? Tinyeye maybe be able to help.
  13. ndboarder website

    Got an email from intuit the other day (turbotax) about getting ready to do taxes, but they plugged in the email as a site for managing your money year round. Well I fell for it and at least checked it out. On their site Mint claims to be the "best Free way to manage your money." I...
  14. L

    CNN Sucks (even though I frequent their website)
  15. WayneKerr

    ...the wrong website is a porn site. Annoying. 
  16. nodle

    Bayimg website

    The Pirate Bay, the torrent site run by sassy Sweedes that the MPAA and RIAA hate so much it hurts, has just launched an image hosting service. Unlike other services, it won't take any of your personal information and it won't take your photos down, no matter how "inappropriate" they are...
  17. WayneKerr

    New website for old games
  18. nodle

    Delutube - Watch deleted YouTube Videos
  19. J

    You've probably already seen this website, but check it out
  20. nodle

    Newegg shopping website

    I buy just about all my stuff from Newegg. But I noticed today they have changed their shipping rates. No longer do you get charged shipping on individual items. Now you can buy in bulk! :smt023