1. nodle

    3M Scotchlok butt connectors

    I ran across these when they came with my little Noctua fans. Please note they are for low voltage, but standard crimps should be fine. You just cut your wires, don't strip the end and slip the wires in and press done on the button with either the special tool or a pair of pliers. There is gel...
  2. nodle

    Nicely organized utility room

  3. nodle

    My first wiring job

    Even though I deal with wires on a daily basis at work, I normally stay away from home electrical wiring. That stuff scares me. But I did install my first motion sensor out back on our deck this weekend. It really wasn't that hard. Thankfully it was on a light switch circuit on the inside, so I...
  4. nodle

    Nice wiring

    Man if only everyone followed suit.
  5. WayneKerr

    House wiring

    Stumbled on this site about wiring your home - voice, data and electricity.  http://www.swhowto.com/  Seems like a fair attempt.  Do you know of any others?
  6. C Pav

    LCD screen wiring question.

    Wat would be needed to wire up an LCD screen I have that was from a mac ibook? When I say wire up I want to use like for a side case type thing or wire in my car.