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  1. O-Tron

    Stephen K. Gold Farmer

    Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? Stephen K. Bannon, one of Trump's top advisers is known most for his connection to Breitbart News, but he actually also has a background as a World...
  2. nodle

    Recommended World of Warcraft add-ons

    I thought I would post a thread of recommended World of Warcraft addons and what they do, since a few of you are starting to get back into the game. Feel free to add your own if you have recommendations. I use Curse so these links will most likely be tied to it. Recommended World of Warcraft...
  3. nodle

    World of Warcraft artwork

    I thought I would make a thread for members to post World of Warcraft artwork that they come across. I see a lot of great WoW photos out there.
  4. nodle

    All things World of Warcraft

    I have poured out my soul to you the last 3 years. Had many adventures. Meet new friends. Killed Gods. But alas real life and changes to the game has made me lose interest. I don't care for the cookie cutter talents, to many dailies, the uniqueness has gone out of the game. You can buy almost...
  5. nodle

    World of Warcraft loses 600,000 subscribers

    I'm not surprised, they aren't doing good with all the changes lately. I bet in a couple of years it goes "free to play". To cookie-cutter and not unique anymore.
  6. nodle

    How World of Warcraft Could Save Your Business and The Economy

    I would like jmanz to watch this video and give me his thoughts. I know he is into this type of stuff. I always said that WoW should be part of an economics class.
  7. nodle

    World of Warcraft Documentary - The Raid

  8. jmanz

    Nodle is this you? World of Warcraft
  9. nodle

    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm intro

  10. nodle

    World of Warcraft mount sales

    So WoW release a new mount about an hour ago. It goes for $25.00. This is after the first hour...
  11. nodle

    World of Warcraft Stats