1. nodle

    Becoming an Author

    Has anyone ever considered writing a book before? I mean write a complete story and try to get it published? Seems like it's a lot easier these days with Amazon and other publishers. 
  2. nodle

    Let's talk pens

    Yes you heard me right, lets talk about pens. I just recently ordered this Fisher Space Pen. They make a few version, but I got this one for EDC. The bullet space pen. Pressurized ink that allows you to write in any temperature, anywhere, underwater in space etc. It's a small form factor but...
  3. nodle

    Writing book on kindness - then shot

  4. nodle

    UK Teen banned from the US for life for writing email to Obama

  5. nodle

    Program writing project

    Anyone good at righting a small basic GUI for a small program. Basically to replace your start button in Windows 7 you have to go through these steps below: Ok there must be an easier way to do this, like an automated task or script that would do this for you will a simple go button and a...