AI future has begun - OpenAI and others.

Now this is crazy, real time.


Ah about time. I think this is in everyone's back of mind. The evil and dirty side of AI that no one talks about. Does it have the capability oh yes, it's all just ones and zeros to the computer. They might lock out these things for now, but how long until it gets out of control? People aren't ready to discuss the evils of Ai yet.
"Nvidia is releasing an early version of Chat with RTX today, a demo app that lets you run a personal Al chatbot on your PC. You can feed it You Tube videos and your own documents to create summaries and get relevant answers based on your own data. It all runs locally on a PC, and all you need is an RTX 30- or 40-series GPU with at least 8GB of VRAM. I've been briefly testing out Chat with RTX over the past day, and although the app is a little rough around the edges, I can already see this being a valuable part of data research for journalists or anyone who needs to analyze a collection of documents. Chat with RTX can handle YouTube videos, so you simply input a URL, and it lets you search transcripts for specific mentions or summarize an entire video. I found this ideal for searching through video podcasts, particularly for finding specific mentions in podcasts over the past week amid rumors of Microsoft's new Xbox strategy shift."
Raytheon CEO- AI is the future of defense.
How about no, I don’t want the Ai scanning my documents and reporting back home so it can improve the response.
Raytheon CEO- AI is the future of defense.
of course it is, it will never not obey orders or not attack its own people. It has no morals.
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I was just thinking about this the other day.

We all know reedit selling your information to AI, but now it looks like web hosts are starting to change their TOS to own your content so that they can profit off your material.

I was reading this post this morning. While the responses are hilarious, it does prove a good point. At one time Blizzard had some of the best customer service out there. You would have a problem and a GM would even hop on their character and help you. Now it's all automated and you can't even talk to a real human being. Something gets lost here and it makes you lose interest. I mean if their don't care about their customers, then why should you care about their game? It's a shame and Ai will completely ruin real customer service to save the company a buck.