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I am not a fan of the Blizzard game diablo, but I did pre order it last night, only because I had funds in my Blizzard balance and it came with the sweetest mount for WoW.


Pretty big news.

Man what a morning in WoW, loot galore. I already have my two-piece on opening day!
I tried the mage tower when Legion was out, but could never do it. They recently brought it back, but have tried here and there. I spent most of the day yesterday trying it out. I was screaming and pulling my hair out. Finally, yesterday afternoon I did it. Don't ask me how. I had no life left. and somehow did it. Got the transmog set I had wanted, I am still jacked today.
Big day today!

Death is permanent wow!

Seems like a lot of folks are enjoying the hardcore version. I couldn't do it.

Pretty big news.

Nicely done trailer, just like being there.

Today is the day for Blizzcon, they will be announcing the next xpac today!

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I think the cinematic trailer might be the most realistic use of CGI that I have ever seen.
Drops today folks!


Had no idea that was all going on. Just know I spent way too much money on this company and the service and level of quality in gaming has steadily declined. They don't listen to reports or feedback.. not gonna complain too much, though.
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I didn't see the link about Metzen. That is somewhat hopeful.

I am just sick and tired of being treated like trash in online games. I usually try harder than I even should to do well and find myself being underappreciated and let down. Maybe that's a personal problem, though. Just trying to gauge myself...

If it feels like work, I shouldn't play, though. That's the bottom line.