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I am not a fan of the Blizzard game diablo, but I did pre order it last night, only because I had funds in my Blizzard balance and it came with the sweetest mount for WoW.


Man what a morning in WoW, loot galore. I already have my two-piece on opening day!
I tried the mage tower when Legion was out, but could never do it. They recently brought it back, but have tried here and there. I spent most of the day yesterday trying it out. I was screaming and pulling my hair out. Finally, yesterday afternoon I did it. Don't ask me how. I had no life left. and somehow did it. Got the transmog set I had wanted, I am still jacked today.
Death is permanent wow!

Seems like a lot of folks are enjoying the hardcore version. I couldn't do it.

Nicely done trailer, just like being there.

Today is the day for Blizzcon, they will be announcing the next xpac today!

Excited Friday GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants
I think the cinematic trailer might be the most realistic use of CGI that I have ever seen.
Drops today folks!

any info on what i should do? i am at 64 on my main (rogue) and I haven't had a chance to play this expansion. do u think i should just level to 70 then wait for the next expansion?