Are people starting to lose interest in the internet?


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I have been wanting to post this thread for while now, just something that I have started to notice in the last 1-2 years. I just got done watching a YouTube video of a guy basically signing off of YouTube. He was a big tech/gadget guy and he explained how not only his subscribers are dropping drastically but even his page views. He is not the first to do this recently. I mean look at forums, one a mass gathering of minds on the internet, now most are ghost towns or are closed. I understand that some people change it their life changes and they move on. But there seems to be a trend of people almost becoming numb to everything. Humans get burnt out of things after awhile. Take a look at MySpace, and now more recently Facebook. Have humans reached a point where now they are burnt out of the internet all together? Or maybe the internet was never as big as we portrayed and was really mostly made up of bots? Who knows?


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All I can say is technology will be a blip or fad in history in the long run. It's certainly not making us happier and doesn't return true progress to humanity, regression actually.
But but, what about advancement in medical this or that, or travel, industrial... Think about it, we produce a solution to cover some other ' solution' that caused the problem in the first place.
All our needs and happiness can come from nature and close relationships.


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My guess is generational shifts. I don't think people are walking away from technology or the internet in masses. Facebook was "cool" how long ago, and then what happened - eventually older generations started using it. Younger generations haven't wanted to be on it, because there are different social media platforms they've flocked too with their friends instead.

A YouTube channel you watch, or maybe YouTube in general was losing views - those views didn't just go away because everyone stopped watching video content. They went away with people watching somewhere else. Maybe a different, better, smarter, funnier, not as old, etc channel on youtube that has similar content, maybe a different platform.

Yes, basically I'm saying you are old and probably you watched some guy that did not meet the standards of the people watching anymore...