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Apr 28, 2006
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Some nice muscle cars in this one.....I know davec will appreciate this.

Imports> them ;-)
Ya that was excellent. Makes a feller want to get to the drag races.
Imports> them ;-)
You spend as much money on an import as you want. I'll put half of that (or less) into a muscle car which will weigh twice what your import does at least.... You'll loseThere is no replacement for displacement.

down with the rice.
Im sorry but a street legal American car can't come close to the horsepower a street legal import makes.


More to come later :twisted:

Im sorry but a street legal American car can't come close to the horsepower a street legal import makes.LINKMore to come later :twisted:
This maybe true, I'm not sure and haven't done any research to lean one way or another but I do know one thing for sure. I would rather have the sound of american muscle then a ricer that sounds like a crop duster trying to take off.... and with some of those spoilers i see, it just may be possible!

lol @ the ironing board
Im sorry but a street legal American car can't come close to the horsepower a street legal import makes.LINKMore to come later :twisted:
I'll tell you what, bring any import you want (- NOS then you have to give me a head up) and take it against the GTO on my site... we'll see who wins (HP only gets you so far by the way)

EDIT: Removed my message here after further consideration, main point was buy American made products
one more thing before i take my sorry behind to bed, but I've seen a street legal '57 chevy take an ricer with NOS by over a car length
I just don't know how american cars can compete nowadays. I mean no matter what "big block" engine you through in them. Most of the imports you can buy stock, add some turbos, change the engine up and be over 1000+ horsepower, but still look stock. Please you then also have the "lightness" of the vehicle to take into consideration. I have even seen these "modified" cars go up against vipers (American) and give them a run for their money, with way less cost. But one thing I agree with you. It doesn't matter how fast your car is,if you don't know how to drive.
Take a NA import against a NA american big block and see who wins.
American muscle has been reduced to a 17 mile per gallon 16 valve V8 that only produces around 275 horsepower and is outrun by import family sedans that have far less than 4 liter V6's with 24 valves. They get 50% better mileage too.

These common import V6's are weaker at peak but have far superior horsepower across the tachometer rather than one tiny peak because of innovations like variable valve timing.

In addition, the trannys in imports have much better use of the power.

Imports have far superior balance, traction, stability, and overall handling. American "muscle" has straight axles rather than independant suspensions, nose-heavy, non balanced weight distributions, electronic brake distribution only available on absolute top models, and looks-over-performance design.

And reliability of american muscle as compared to imports... I won't even bother with that one...

Yes, a bit pricy - but, you get what you pay for.

Gone are the days of enormous 5 to 7+ litre engines that have to be customized just to produce 300-350 horsepower. It can be done with 4-6 cylinder engines. And when an import offers more than 6 cylinders, it's a cold day in hell when a stock american muscle car can keep up.

If you wanna look good at a show burning rubber, get the muscle car. If you wanna perform, go for Japanese.

There's more to the equation than just Horsepower. There's also torque to consider. Those rice burners are peaky. Gotta keep em revved to get anything out of them.