Fallout 4 Xbox achievements not working


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I thought I would make a thread on this, hopefully it will help someone out. In the Xbox thread I was complaining about my Fallout 4 achievements not working. Well, I think I found the cause. If you're using an adblocker program, in my case NextDNS, this is what was blocking the achievements:

Lightswitch05 - Ads & Tracking

So, make sure that you don't use this one. After disabling it I am now getting achievements, but it looks like I won't get the ones I missed in the beginning. I am hoping that they will all push though, of that Xbox would store them so when they are unblocked, they would push though. But I don't think it will happen. I hope this helps someone else out.


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Now that you say this, I've heard of things like PiHole or such messing with connectivity issues or other things across various platforms. I think I have specifically heard of this issue with achievements once before, but it's been a while and I didn't think of it.