Levitating islands


Jan 28, 2006
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Islands in the Bermuda Triangle were photographed levitating by as much as 10 miles off the surface of the ocean in this recently-declassified image from a U.S. spy satellite.

(Washington, DC) Unusual images of the Earth have occasionally been uncovered after declassification of hundreds of thousands of spy satellite images by the National Imagery Mapping Agency (NIMA). In one of the more spectaular images, gathered on May 25, 2005, the apparent levitation of at least two Caribbean islands above the surface of the ocean was captured (above).

The islands are located in a large region popularly known as the Bermuda Triangle. The spy satellite imagery clearly shows shadows cast by two of the islands on the ocean surface in such a way that can only be explained if the islands are levitated above the ocean surface, in one case by approximately ten miles.

Officials at the two major satellite spy satellite agencies were contacted for comment on the finding. An unidentified source at the National Security Agency said, "We have no comment on the possible levitation of one or more Caribbean islands". Another manager at NIMA, who also refused to be identified, added "We have no comment on the possible levitation of one or more Caribbean islands".

The date and time that the imagery was gathered by the satellite was checked against local newspaper reports, but no mention of the incident could be found. Upon further investigation, it was ascertained that the final episode of the popular TV show 'American Idol' was airing at the time, which might explain the absense of eye-witness accounts of this unusual event.

optical illusion don't ya think?
optical illusion don't ya think?
That was my first thought also. But then why would it have to be "classified"

interesting to note that on the lower right and very lower area of the picture are islands not apprearing to be levitating.  Also, I wonder if the dark area under the island is a shadow, or an area of the ocean that gets deeper because the island was "removed"........I spell a pirates of the caribean 4 coming out of this.