Malaysia Airlines 'loses contact with plane'

Now they are saying that the wing is part of the downed aircraft.
Sounds like the family's don't believe that the wing is from the plane.


Well it's officially over. Two conclusions:

A: They don't want you finding it.

B: With all our technology there are still some things out there not explained (it went in the Twilight Zone)

After 3 years, MH370 search ends

I remember watching the news about this happening in the hospital while the wife was in labor :ROFLMAO:
So, after I made the post above, I couldn't find anything else to watch so I started to watch the documentary. It is a three-part series. I only made it thought the first one last night. I plan to go back through this thread as well to see what was posted. The series is basically documenting what happened step by step. I will say one spooky thing they talked about which I don't know was posted in this thread or not, was how when everyone was gathered the second or third day at a hotel room, the plan would have only had 8 hours or fuel so they were telling them basically all hope was lost, but when everyone was gathered, they tried to call their cell phones and they would ring over and over. If the phones no longer worked, they should had gone straight to voice mail, and here is the spooky part. While they were gathering someone received a call from their dad in the conference room but when they answered it no one was there. :eek:
Well, I finished the documentary tonight. I did find it interesting about how they had cargo on board that was 'escorted' to the plain and was never inspected. Whatever it was it was heading to China. I almost kind of believe the idea that AWACS jammed the plan signal (which would explain how it disappeared from radar so fast), and then had it land in a military base in Vietnam to retrieve the cargo contents. But then what did they do with all the passengers? Either that or it was shot out of the sky and then they lied about eh satellite pings to draw the search away from the location. It is interesting and I can say something about the whole story does not add up and after all these years there is no evidence of it crashing.
There seems to be quite the buzz about these videos on the internet saying it has to do with the missing plane.