Mcdonald's Mcrib sandwhich

The thing for me is, if you enjoy making ribs on the grill or even ordering them from a sit-down restaurant, the McDonalds McRib is pretty gross IMO. I know it's not the same but...Ironically a fast food burger still works, but not fast ribs.
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The last time I really enjoyed something there, it was when they had Cheese Jalapeno Quarter Pounders (with cheese). They also sell Quarter Pounders with bacon now, don't think they offered that before.

Other than that, I really like Egg McMuffins with no egg lol, and a hashbrown, orange juice, and coffee for breakfast.

Haven't tried the McRib but I have seen talk about it and I heard it was good from a YouTube video. I'm not so sure I'd try it unless a group of friends and I went out together and all got one. Either that or if everyone says I should.