Meater - wireless meat thermometer

Yeah you know how that goes on Amazon. Some said poor wifi strength, others that the temp is off etc.
Ya take reviews with a grain of salt. I know there was range problems with the original but those were fixed with the + model. I am impressed with the range, I can go anywhere in my house, out in the garage, out back. If I go really far in the back I will get a message of lost connection, but all you have to do is get close again and it reconnects. I never expect anything to reach that far though.

I ran into something interesting with my Meater+, one thing it doesn't like it you flipping the meat. I know technically with a Treager there is really no need to since it's more of a convection style barbecue, but I was cooking pork chops last night and when I flipped them over, I think the juices from the meat because of gravity had to start going through the meat from top to bottom again, and my remaining time changed on the Meater+. Anyways something I noticed. I have only had it happen when I flip something with the probe still in. I think it notices the change and has to do all the recalculations again.
I always flip once with the Traeger. Steaks, burgers, chops.
I always flip once with the Traeger. Steaks, burgers, chops.
Well I over flip, but with all the Tri tips I have been cooking lately it doesn’t require a flip at all.
They just introduced a new model.

I ran into what I thought was a problem. I haven't used my Treager all winter and went to cook a tri tip yesterday. But for some reason my probe wouldn't connect to my base. I figured it was the battery since I was using the original that came with it. So, I put a new one in it and couldn't use it. About 2 hours later it still wouldn't connect and I read the troubleshooting steps last night. So, I thought to myself I will just leave it overnight and if it doesn't work in the morning it must be bad. I woke up this morning and it works flawlessly. So, the moral of the story is make sure to check your batteries and probably replace them once a year. That's how many cooks my last one lasted. Not too bad for a single triple A battery.
meater lol
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