Microsoft 1978


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Jan 28, 2006
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I found this interesting...

Top RowSteve Wood Programmer. Left Microsoft in 1980. Married to Marla Wood. Now runs a telecommunications company. EW $15 million.Bob Wallace Production manager-designer. Left Microsoft in 1983. Was a psychedelic-drug advocate. Died in 2002. EW $5 million.
Jim Lane Project manager. Left Microsoft in 1985. Now owns his own software company. EW $20 million.

Middle Row

Bob O'Rear Chief mathematician. Left Microsoft in 1993. Now a cattle rancher. EW $100 million.

Bob Greenberg Programmer. Left Microsoft in 1981. Helped develop Cabbage Patch dolls for Coleco. Now makes software for golf courses. EW $20 million.

Marc McDonald Programmer. Microsoft's first employee. Left Microsoft in 1984 because it was "too big", then rejoined the company when they bought Design Intelligence, the company he was working for. Has the honor of wearing badge number 00001. EW $1 million.

Gordon Letwin Programmer. Left Microsoft in 1993. Now an environmental philanthropist. EW $20 million.

Bottom Row

Bill Gates Co-founder. Still Microsoft chairman and chief architect. Now the richest person in the world. EW $50 billion.

Andrea Lewis Technical writer. Left Microsoft in 1983. Now a freelance journalist. EW $2 million.

Marla Wood Bookkeeper. Married to Steve Wood. Left Microsoft in 1980, then sued the company for sex descrimination. Now a self-described "professional volunteer". EW $15 million.

Paul Allen Co-founder. Left Microsoft in 1983 but remains a senior strategy advisor to the company. Now sports team owner, space enthusiast, and philanthropist. EW $21 billion.
Gates looked like death in that picture.
The gentleman in the middle row to the left looks like Ron Burgundy.
The gentleman in the middle row to the left looks like Ron Burgundy.
lol your right!