Some pics (WARNING, LARGE)


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Jun 23, 2017
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Sunset over Stauden park in Butte, MT

Weird clouds taken through windshield, hence blue tint

Ducks at MSU campus in Bozeman, MT

Eagle above the Jefferson river near Whitehall, MT

Same area, difft. pic

As you can tell, I like clouds

Hiking near Louise Lake past South Boulder

Louise Lake

Another area pic

Self-explanatory for those in the know :)

Snowfall at my mom's in Butte, MT

A weird cloud I spotted, apparently a light/water phenomenon called iridescence

Little bro scoping out my dad's remodeling ;)

Those are some sweet pics, I never knew you were into to taking photos? The ones of the lake are beautiful. Props to you man good work! 8)
Yeah I do like taking pics, although I just don't seem to find anything good to take pics of anymore. Been about a year... but thx Eldon
i would say, kudos to the both of ya. Excellent pics!
i would say' date=' kudos to the both of ya. Excellent pics![/quote']You need to get out and take a few.
You need to get out and take a few.
Was planning on taking a few but alas, second straight rainy day with steady drizzle.