Starcraft video game


Jan 28, 2006
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Who remembers this game? It was such a awesome game. I remember driving an hour just to buy it on the day it got released.
It's been quite a since I've played good ol' Starcraft. I know a few guys at work still play it once in a while over lunch hour, or if they just aren't busy... :smt037
I guess it's still big in Korea.
I guess it's still big in Korea.
I wouldn't doubt it. Some of these games get a following and keep it for quite a while.I just saw an article this morning on a game' date=' "Uru Live", I'd never heard of it, but it was apparently going to be the next installment of the Myst series at somepoint but the project was killed off in 2004. Since then the cult following has kept it alive and now Gametap is teaming with one of the original developing companies to bring it back from the dead.


Ya Myst was kinda cool I remember playing the original. It kinda of a thinking game with puzzles etc. Some of those games get quite the following.