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Sep 20, 2007
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So stuff. I have it, you have it, we all have it. The question is, how much do you have of it? Is it overwhelming, cluttering up your space? Or maybe you bought a bigger house because of it. You told yourself that you needed more space for the family and couldn't live in your current conditions, but it really came down to having too much stuff that just piles up and stacked away because you need it, well one day anyways, or never actually.

Serious topic though, I have been trying my hardest to part with many things that have accumulated over the years. This goes mostly with random invaluable things that came down from the family as well. There are many articles on the internet about this along with psychological studies as well. This isn't about being a pack rat, but just keeping on to things that don't have much value, but someday thinking we will need it. We don't have a garage, but have two sheds. One with mostly tools and yard equipment, and one with storage bins. Some years ago, I went though a phase and got rid of quit a bit. I tried again last year, but still only made a small dent.

In the past month or so, I really have made progress in doing away with many other things (old fabric, blankets, random poor quality glassware, ornaments, etc..). I research everything to see what it's going value is. 80% + comes from parents, but I also have kept some spare parts and such that I would like to sell off. It got to the point, and many articles agree, even that's not worth it unless one has bigger high value items that's easier to sell. Rummage sales take a lot of time, and even trying to list many smaller items on the internet can take a lot of time. So I basically pushed myself and donated, gave away what I could, recycled, or threw the rest. I still have some ways to go, but am getting there. It really is freeing.

The biggest take away psychologically, is stuff really does take a toll on the mind, even when not thinking about it. We are so engrossed by our possessions, needing a place for them, storing them, moving them around to get to other things, or taking them with us if moving. All that in itself can mentally and sometimes physically chain us.

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I envy your ability to change your life habits brother. I also agree with how stuff just consumes us. You know me, my bad habits and addictions of collecting and hoarding. Sort of like mom was I am the same way with video games and now again sports cards. I did so well for a while not caring about cards. Games I never really gave up. A short period after breaking up with a gf and before meeting current wife I lost all interest and sold a lot. I wish I had it back as much as I want to break free.
It's funny I just started cleaning my office room up. To me a lot of it has to do with depression. Things just build up and up because you are depressed. You keep buying things to fill the void. or don't feel like putting things away. You always say "I'll do it tommorrow". I always think about the scene from Labyrinth where the old lady where junk keeps building up and up. I always think people hang onto things because of their meanings to them.

Some good old George Carlin comedic wisdom.

I am completely out of space in my office room. I just seem to collect more and more. I blame @C Pav for making me this way with his collecting. I never use to be this way until I meet him.

This morning I was going through my NAS and realized that I have been meaning to get rid of a bunch of my tech tools from my previous job. These were distros of various versions of windows, and software CDs. I don't know why it was so hard for me to delete them. They are obsolete now, I guess it was just part of me holding onto them and all the collecting it took to obtain them. But deleted them and freed up a bunch of room. Just felt strange letting go.