The Dulce base


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Jan 28, 2006
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This one falls into the category of underground tunnels. There are alot of sites on these Tunnels that run underground here in America, and thier inhabitants the Draconians or the Reptalians. Real or not? One of these famous underground tunnels and bases is suppose to be located at Dulce, New Mexico. Read more below.

lol I'm loving it
that was a good read, road trip to new mexico anyone??
that was a good read' date=' road trip to new mexico anyone??[/quote']We could go, but we may not come back :shock:
So how many think Draconians are real? Think the world has a bunch of underground tunnels out there? I pretty sure we do here in America. Think this race is real?
I can't believe that I missed this back in the day. The Dulce Base is one of my favorite conspiracy theories. Huffington Post just did a story on it like a year ago with a lot of the pertinent info.

If you haven't looked into this one it's pretty great, and kind of bone-chilling to think about.

Sorry about bumping the thread, I was going to post, but used the search function instead, hopefully that's alright.

It's fine that what these threads are saved for. With so much that happens down in Dulce. I 100% believe it. But remember Dulce isn't the only place with underground bases. I will tell you there are so many. If you saw what is under America this place would be like looking at a ant farm with all the tunnels.
Oh I believe it. There's a lot our government doesn't tell us.
Do we have an updated map? North Dakota has been left out :( .