The Golden Arches Trifecta


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Listen to me men, it was but just a couple of weeks ago, that I almost reached a heightened state of pure enlightenment. I came so close. Yes, I almost had Mcdonalds for all 3 meals in one day. Many have said that this can never be done. Many have tried, many have failed. But I was there. I had it for breakfast, I had it for lunch. I could hear in the background cheers from the masses, just one more, just one more they cried with all the air in their lungs but I failed them all. Some say if you can do it for all three meals Ronald Mcdonald himself will come down from above and say "son, I am proud of you", but alas I will never know if it's just a myth or not. I may try it again someday. Has anyone ever completed this feat of strength?